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Thank you very much for your interest in this very special treatment. My name is Sam and my background is actually midwifery. My passion is individualised care and truly being “With Woman”, which is the definition of “Midwife”.  I have discovered the gift of womb massage and the concept of honouring our female form.  I would love to share this gift with you. Below is a summary of what to expect from the massage, a list of potential benefits, and treatment price.

What is it?

This is a womb massage drawing on the powers of the wise woman, and is for women throughout their reproductive life. The massage increases vital blood flow to the womb, helps the womb to become correctly positioned, and releases any built up tension in the pelvis. This massage aims to create a warm, creative and healthy womb- whether welcoming a future baby, healing menstrual complaints or to connect to your inner wisdom.

This is a time to connect to your power of being a woman and to honour your true self.  This gentle massage not only focuses on the womb, but the digestive system and sacrum too. The massage ends with Rebozo wrapping and guided meditation.  This is an ancient technique used to deepen relaxation, bring inner peace, and provide grounding.

When is the best time to massage?

I do not offer this treatment during your period. If you are actively trying to conceive, I also do not perform this massage after ovulation due to the chance of conception. So, the best time to experience this treatment is in the first half of your cycle, between menstruation and ovulation. If you are on an IVF journey, this treatment can be performed up until embryo transfer.

How often can the massage be performed?

The frequency of the massages are personal. Some like to have a treatment once a month, some like to have regular sessions of once a week. This is completely dependent of your personal journey and/or menstrual cycle.


I come to your home to provide the treatment. This provides an intimate and deep experience. The price includes a 20 minute consultation, and valuable information into menstrual cycles and fertility will be shared. This includes how to chart your cycle accurately, and how to access wisdom within your cycle to reduce stress each month and unlock your greatest potential as a woman.

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What can this treatment be beneficial for?

“To Heal the Womb is to Heal the Woman”

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