Services & Pricing

By trusting me to support you, you will receive my undivided care.

I provide wisdom into cycle tracking and fertility as well as teaching of self-massage techniques. Hormonal balance information, yoni steams, castor oil packs and much more will be shared.

Womb Healing Massage

£90 or £260 3 treatment package — 90 mins.

Consultation time plus 60 minute treatment.

 For those who would like help with anything such as menopausal symptoms and menstrual problems such as endometriosis, PCOS, irregular periods.

Also for those who have experienced loss or grief, struggles with anxiety or depression, or for those that want to connect with their true power of being a woman. Aims to provide womb healing, inner calm, reconnection, balance and feminine control.

Rebozo wrapping with guided meditation to conclude. This provides a safe place to truly connect with body, mind and spirit.

Fertility Massage

£90 or £260 3 treatment package— 90 mins. 

Consultation time plus 60 minute treatment. 

For those who are preparing to become pregnant, or actively trying to conceive with natural methods / IVF. Working physically, mentally and spiritually.

Rebozo wrapping and guided fertility meditation concludes the treatment. This provides a safe place to truly connect with body, mind and spirit, and to call in the future baby.

You can book your appointment via Facebook by clicking the “Book” button or by downloading the MindBody App for InsideOut Wellness Centre, the beautiful wellness space from where I am based.