colourful leaves representing menopause transformation

What can this treatment be beneficial for?


What is it?

This is a womb massage drawing on the powers of the Wise Woman. The massage works on a physical and spiritual level to bring balance to your mind, body and soul. The menopause is a time of change, and this massage helps to smooth the transition. Each woman is affected by the menopause in their own unique way; some may find themselves with more physical symptoms, such as hot flushes and vaginal dryness, and others may experience more psychological symptoms, such as a loss of identity and mood crashes. My aim is for you to feel heard, honoured and connected to your body, to embrace the change.

What to expect.

The treatment starts with rhythmic massage using a Rebozo cloth. This gentle rocking releases tension and relaxes the psoas muscle, which is a place where we hold emotions. The massage areas are; the lower back (sacrum, anchor points, grief points, pudendal nerve), upper abdomen (solar plexus, maternal line, small and large intestine, ascending and descending colon, liver), and the womb space (the reproductive area regardless of hysterectomy). The treatment ends with Rebozo wrapping and a guided meditation.  This is an ancient technique used to deepen relaxation, bring inner peace, and provide grounding. The treatment is 60 minutes in total.

How often can the massage be performed?

The frequencies of the massages are personal. Some like to have a treatment once a month, some like to have regular sessions of once a week. This is completely dependent of your personal journey.

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 “Menopause-Fall in Love with the Change”