About me

In 2018 I had a life changing experience whilst on a four day women’s retreat to learn fertility massage.

I delved deep into the power and wisdom of being a woman, the menstrual cycle, honouring and listening to our body and obviously the actual womb healing and fertility massage. The call to set up my own business and share this with the world has been very strong.

Now I love to join women on their own self discovery journeys. I feel privileged to provide a safe space for women to discuss their private battles with menstrual disease, infertility, miscarriage and baby loss, anxiety and depression, and much more.

I am proud to say that many women that I have treated have gone on to conceive a baby after long and difficult fertility journeys.

My passion is individualised care and truly being “With Woman”, which is the definition of “Midwife”. – SAM BULL

Empowering Women

I became a midwife 14 years ago, because I wanted to provide women and their families with the best experience possible regardless of their circumstances. I strive to be a midwife who is there professionally and compassionately. I love client centred care, empowering informed choice and keeping up to date with evidence-based practice. I am drawn towards home birth and reducing fear during childbirth.

I truly believe in the power of a positive attitude, meditation, mindfulness and yoga, in a world full of distraction, competition and stress. I love helping my clients feel cared for, supported and calm.

It's time to heal

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