Womb Healing and Fertility Massage Therapy

Helping you on your path to inner peace

Who Am I?


My name is Sam, and I provide a space for people to feel heard, empowered, and safe. I am fascinated by how the mind, body and soul are all connected, and how an imbalance in one part can affect the person.

I am a practising midwife, and I qualified in 2008. I have been lucky enough to work in all clinical areas of maternity, including being a midwife in Australia. However, my main passion lies in community midwifery, which is where I work currently. Individualised care, birth preparation and mental health are my main passions.

In 2018 I discovered the magic of Womb Healing and Fertility Massage Therapy. I quickly learned that this was no ordinary massage. This massage is aimed to release, restore, and revitalise. As well as hands on massage techniques of the sacrum (lower back), upper and lower abdomen, the treatment includes different techniques including rhythmic massage, rebozo wrapping and ends with a meditation focused on each individual need.

I have now been opened to the world of women’s health in a way I had never been before (which is surprising as I had been a midwife for 10 years previously). The healing properties of castor oil packs, how rhythmic massage releases abdominal tension stored physically and emotionally, how fasting from food is incredible but only during certain times of the cycle, essential oils, natural light, cold water therapy, eating whole foods, the products that we put in and, on our bodies, – the list just goes on.

My mission is to empower women to feel at home in their own bodies, to embrace their individual journey and to feel a deep connection between their heart and their womb. So many women feel disconnect and hatred towards their womb, for many different reasons. I aim to bring grounding, peace, and healing.

The magic starts before the massage

Before the massage starts, I always love to offer 30 minutes of time devoted to my client. We drink herbal tea and I provide a safe space for them to say what is on their heart. Fertility, menopause, menstrual issues and grief are all such taboo subjects. We are getting better at openly discussing these themes; however, I offer a safe, non-judgemental space for my client to share anything and everything that they need to. I want my clients to feel heard, to feel cared for, and to feel nurtured. Time and time again, my clients say that they feel better before they even get onto the massage bed. Releasing tears, fears, guilt and resentment is incredibly liberating. We should acknowledge our emotions and how they can be affecting our day to day lives.

Who can this treatment benefit?

❣️Perimenopause and menopause journey – To support the reduction in symptoms, support empowerment and nurture you through the process.

❣️Fertility journey – Whether you are using natural methods or IVF, this treatment supports you to walk confidently on your path to pregnancy. Supporting your mind, body, and soul through the process.

❣️Stored trauma release – Helping to hold and restore you through the grieving process. Helping you to clear energetic or physical trauma stored in the body due to grief, loss, injury, or stress.

❣️Menstrual health related issues – Including PCOS, endometriosis and fibroids. This treatment works on balancing hormones, breaking down scar tissue, oxygenating the womb lining and releasing stored emotional issues.

❣️Lost sense of identity – This treatment brings grounding, hope, empowerment, hope and a deep sense of feeling safe, secure, and loved.

This 90 minute treatment includes 30 minutes of consultation time, for you to share what is on your heart. I use rhythmic massage to release stored physical and emotional tension. The “hands on” part of the massage consist of lower back, upper abdominal and lower abdominal massage, to bring balance of hormones and improve blood circulation. To end the treatment, rebozo cloths are wrapped around the body to promote feelings of safety and grounding. This will be paired with a personalised guided mediation to uplift and restore.

Client Testimonials

Treatment Location

Blacon | Chester

I provide the treatments from my garden office at home. I have lovingly named this place my “She Shed”. It is private and quiet. I am located in Blacon, Chester.