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With Woman Therapies

Who is with woman therapies?

My name is Sam, and I provide a space for people to feel heard, empowered, and safe. I am fascinated by how the mind, body and soul are all connected, and how an imbalance in one part can affect the person as a whole.

I qualified as a midwife in 2008, and my main passion, from being a student midwife, has always been individualised care, empowering women to feel special, birth preparation and mental health.

Unfortunately, the NHS can be restrictive, and I cannot always provide the care that I am so enthusiastic about. To support my desire to give women more time to feel supported, I founded With Woman Therapies to provide a holistic approach for women’s health needs. The translation of “With Woman” is “Midwife”.

My qualifications

Registered Midwife. Womb Healing and Fertility Massage Practitioner. Full Body Massage Therapist. Pregnancy Massage Therapist. Hypnobirthing Practitioner. Professional Midwifery Advocate. Closing the Bones Practitioner.

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Treatment Location

Blacon | Chester

I provide the treatments from my garden office at home. I have lovingly named this place my “She Shed”. It is private and quiet. I am located in Blacon, Chester.