Womb Healing and Fertility Massage Therapy

Helping you on your path to inner peace

About Me

Healing | Restoring the Soul

My name is Sam, my background is midwifery. My passion is individualised care and being “with woman”, which is the definition of Midwife. I have discovered the gift of womb healing & fertility massage and the concept of honouring our female form.

A Restorative Ceremony

Thank you very much for your interest in Womb Healing & Fertility Massage with me, Sam Bull. This is a very special treatment, drawing on the powers of the wise woman. It is for women throughout their lives, including women who are going through the transformative years of menopause, and for women after a hysterectomy.

How Can This Help?

The power of the womb space is everlasting.

I offer you a safe space to help you connect with yourself as a woman, to discuss sensitive and highly personal issues.

Above all I want you to find inner peace.

PCOS | Endometriosis | Fertility Struggles | Hormonal Imbalance | PMT | Menopause

Client Testimonials

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My name is Sam and my background is actually midwifery.

My passion is individualised care and truly being “With Woman”, which is the definition of “Midwife”.

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